About Us

Somi Chemical Corporation is New York based Trading House engaged in the sourcing, marketing and distribution of chemically-derived pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and colorants. Our products are used principally as raw materials in the leather, paper, plastic textile, pharmaceutical, color, surface coating/ink and many other industries.

Among Somi’s greatest strengths are our experience to source and ability to meet individual customer needs. Our marketing, sales and technical professionals are experts in the industries they serve, and have an intimate knowledge of worldwide sources of supply, product applications and technical requirements. This means that customers in a wide range of industries can rely on Somi to bring the world closer to them.

Somi works as partner with customers and suppliers during the product development process, creating new applications for existing products. We also offer solutions to production challenges, All of these value-added services allow Somi’s customers and suppliers to be more responsive to their customers, and ultimately, more competitive in the global marketplace.

In addition to our comprehensive network of sources, Somi respond quickly to customer needs and deliver them the products that they need, when they need them.